How to Enter

Entering the awards is really easy. First you’ll need to click on the Enter Now button where you’ll be taken to the registration page to create your account. You’ll be taken through the steps to do this.

Once your account is created you can choose which category/ies you’d like to enter from the drop down menu.

You can then let loose on writing your entries! You can save your entries and come back to them later, or you can do them all in one hit.

Please note the word counts are there for a reason! You won’t be able to save your work if you go over them, and you won’t be able to submit them.

Once you’re ready to submit you can add them to your basket and go through the submission process.

Your first entry costs £30, subsequent entries will be charged at £5 each. We also have two free to enter categories; Best Podcast Jingle and Best Podcast Artwork, but you'll have to have entered one of the paid for categories in order to enter these. 

Are you all set and ready to submit your podcast into the awards? Then let's go...