The Advisory Board

We have created an Advisory Board to ensure we are as inclusive as possible.

The members of that board are listed below.

Mark Asquith 


Clare Brunton

W-Rated Podcast

Jack Chambers-Ward

Sequelisers & Search With Candour

Meera Kumar

Freelance Producer and Content Development Exec

Em McGowan 

Verbal Diorama

Chris Mitchell

Breaking Atoms &

Breaking Atoms Podcast

Dave Neal

Off Track

Kobi Omenaka

Co-Founder, Stripped Media

Louise Owen

90 Minutes or Less Film Festival

Tom Salinsky

Producer, The Guilty Feminist

Drew Toynbee

Podcast Producer/Editor/Host of Sequel Pitch

Francesca Turauskis

 Digital Editor, Pod Bible magazine & 

Founder, Tremula Network

Mark Woodyatt

Mark & Me